Ugo (French, Bordeaux, Rennes)
Founder and Chief Designer of Artículos y bolsos de cuero realizados a mano


It was a long voyage that took Ugo from rugged French Brittany to the warm island of Bali Indonesia where he created his first products nearly two decades ago.

Ugo started developing technical designs both functional and resilient for the sports world where the greatest punishment is delivered. He learned to make a tough product.

Along that path came a greater knowledge of manufacture and pattern making. His designs became more mature, more astute in their aesthetic.

People noticed, designers, boutiques and the fashion savvy.

In Ugo’s words:

"I get inspiration through my adventures and trips, whether the destination is a dynamic cosmopolitan place or a wild spot embracing nature.

My quest is to Design a functional bag that follows perfectly the movements with style, your style. So, I like mixing and playing with different source of materials, my favorite one is the leather for its touch, its patina, its ability to connect pass and future; a creation on its own.

With time even with few more wrinkles your leather bag will just look better, (not fair I know) with more character and quite some more cool stories to tell.

Behind each Artículos y bolsos de cuero realizados a mano bag there is a team, working hard with passion and, we all hope that you will enjoy our creations.

The voyage continues...