French Britany is an old solid granite rock,

Which rose straight from the Atlantic Ocean

Defying wild storms and crushing waves.

Here, when you find yourself,

Standing on the top of the cliff,

Contemplating the horizon,

Knowing you can go no further.

It is just you and Mother Nature.

The flow from the elements carries you away,

Your mind starts to see beyond the physical limits.

You define a new world,

The world of your dreams,

The limits erased by your imagination,

Your desire for exploration rising,

Like the swells below.

You know the feeling.

You have your own place,

Somewhere special.

Facing the infinite ocean,

At the edge of the desert,

In the gentle folds of green,

At the mountain’s precipice.

The place that lives within you.

Mine is called

Where the world ends, the voyage continues...